All our masseuses are highly qualified physiotherapists


Part body relaxing massage 30 min90 PLN
Full body relaxing massage 60 min. 190 PLN
Full body relaxing massage 90 min. 290 PLN
Aromamassage – massage with lavender-sandalwood essential oils  60 min. 250 PLN
Hot Stone massage with aromatherapy 75 min. 250 PLN


Luxurious massage package offering a combination of different massage techniques: Lomi Lomi Nui, Indian head, therapeutic and relaxing massage with aromatherapy. massage 70 min. 280 PLN

ESPECIALLY FROM OASIS BEAUTY DAY SPA:                                                                        

Oasis relaxing Head Massage 3O min. 110 PLN
Thai foot massage 20 min. 90 PLN
Deep Relax part body, back, neck and head massage 60 min. 220 PLN
Ayurveda face, head and hair massage treatment with special oil 60 min. 190 PLN
Anti-stress - full body, full strength with special technics to relax stress points 60 min. 250 PLN
Hot honey - full body massage with natural honey comb and warm compress 70 min. 280 PLN
Massage Shea Butter Part body 30 min. 130 PLN Full body 60 min. 230 PLN
Body scrub + balm 45 min. 150 PLN


Part body classical massage - 30min. 110 PLN
Full body classical massage - 60 min. 210 PLN
Full body classical massage 90 min. 310 PLN
Full body classical massage 120 min. 380 PLN
Firming body vacum massage 30 min. 130 PLN
Lymphatic drainage 30 min. 130 PLN
Sport massage – very intensive, strong massage 60 min. 290 PLN
Massage for pregnant woman 50 min. 190 PLN
Hot honey Russian Detox - very intensive part body treatment 30min. 125 PLN 60 min. 250 PLN
Deep tissue massage - Medical massage for certain groups of muscles 30-60 min. 150-250 PLN


Paradise for body and senses. This exotic full body massage deeply de-stresses and invigorates thanks to a unique combination of techniques gathered from all corners of the globe for their profound relaxation benefits 60 min. 250 PLN