Price (PLN)FaceFace + NeckFace + Neck + NecklineTime (min)
AZELAIC ACID30035040050-60
Gentle resurfacing based on azelaic acid [10%] and kojic acid [5%]. A treatment intended for very sensitive skin with discoloration problems, in the course of comedo-papular acne and in the initial stages of rosacea.
HIBISCUS PEELING32037040050-60
The skin exfoliation treatment is intended especially for owners of sensitive, highly vascularized skin with visible signs of aging, epidermal discoloration, enlarged pores and imperfections. It effectively calms skin lesions and at the same time takes care of firming and rejuvenating the skin, leaving it bright and taut.
An enzymatic and chemical treatment whose recipe is intended for vascular, aging, sensitive and dull skin. Thanks to unique active ingredients, people using this peel can enjoy refreshed, regenerated and radiant skin - without pigmentation and sun discoloration.
An innovative peeling called an alternative to botulinum toxin. The first and unique combination of alpha-hydroxy acids with biomimetic peptides gives incredible effectiveness in the treatment of facial wrinkles.
RETINOL C35040045070-90
VITAMIN C PEEL33038043060-70

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The brand won the Nobel Prize for the production of low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, which works at the cellular level together with ionized platinum and other minerals.

Price (PLN)Time (min)
SOS ritual51060
Revitalization Ritual49060
Wrinkle Correction Ritual59060

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Price (PLN)Time (min)
Basic manual cleaning35060
Facial sonophoresis with ampoule, massage and algae mask30060
Microdermabrasion with algae mask, serum and cream25045
Microdermabrasion with cream mask - serum - cream23045
Treatment for the eye area18030

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NANOPORE - a modern and most effective method of microneedle mesotherapy

Price (PLN)Time (min)
NANOPORE - microneedle mesotherapy - Face44045
NANOPORE - microneedle mesotherapy - Face + Neck48060
NANOPORE - microneedle mesotherapy - Face + Neck + Décolletage58075
DNA Recovery peel – an exfoliating treatment based on
nanotechnology, where substances are enclosed in liposomes
Azelaic / lactic / mandelic acid with algae mask31050
C-PEEL with added shine17025
Salicylic acid29020
Salicylic acid + cleansing40070
Melaspeel + manual cleaning32060-75
Ferulac Classic with algae mask31045

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Aims to:

  • reducing wrinkles
  • improvement of facial oval
  • skin thickening

Heating the tissues during the procedure causes immediate dilation of blood vessels and increases tissue metabolism. When a certain temperature is exceeded, collagen fibers tighten and thicken, which increases skin tension and reduces wrinkles.

The internal heat generated in the skin stimulates fibroblasts to synthesize new collagen, which causes the effect of tissue reconstruction to be observed even several months after the end of therapy.

Price (PLN)Time (min)
Radio Wave Lifting27030

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PRX-T33 is a biorevitalizing treatment. Its aim is to firm sagging skin by rebuilding it, reducing scars, wrinkles and discolorations.

The direct effect of the PRX-T33 treatment is visible strong hydration and tightening of the skin.

PRX-T33 is not a photosensitizing treatment, so it can also be performed during periods of high exposure to sunlight.

Price (PLN)Time (min)
PRX-T33 Hands
PRX-T33 Face
PRX-T33 Face + Neck
PRX-T33 Face + Neck + Décolletage56040

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HYDROGEN PLUS is an innovative device that combines six elements in one, which complement each other and give a spectacular treatment effect.

RADIO WAVES – a head emitting radio waves generates heat in the skin and subcutaneous tissue. The collagen is heated, causing it to contract and become strongly tense, as well as regenerating its structure. The effect is improvement of facial oval, reduction of wrinkles and skin tightening.

ULTRASOUND – this is a very efficient way of introducing active substances contained in cosmetics into the skin. Under the influence of heat, blood vessels dilate and the supply of cells with blood, oxygen and nutrients increases.

HYDROBRASION – the latest technology for exfoliating dead skin using a specially designed head. The effect of the treatment is smooth, deeply moisturized and radiant skin

COLD HEAD – designed to soothe irritated skin, close aquapores after electroporation or active ingredients contained in cosmetics

OXYGEN SPRAY – using physiological saline, it is used to cleanse the skin, while the use of an ampoule, depending on its composition, will have an effect on the skin, e.g. moisturizing, oxygenating, regenerating…

CAVITATION PEELING – this is a method of cleansing dead cells of the stratum corneum of the skin.

Hydrogen purification - what is the treatment?

Hydrogen cleansing treatment involves introducing microscopic particles of active hydrogen deep into the skin. These particles perfectly cleanse skin cells and neutralize free radicals on its surface, resulting in an effective anti-aging therapy.

How is hydrogen introduced into the skin? Hydrogen purification uses the water jet technique under increased pressure. The small size of hydrogen and its low mass allow the element to reach the deep structures of the skin, and everything is accompanied by the electroporation process. These electrical impulses create micro-channels in the skin, which are the way for active substances to reach the skin.

In this case, comprehensive therapy consists of:

  • hydrogen peeling
  • water purification
  • application of active substances, including pure hyaluronic acid
  • the use of ultrasound
  • the use of radio waves
  • use of a hot/cold head that stimulates the skin to function better.

The full treatment is often preceded by diamond microdermabrasion or cavitation peeling. Additionally, at the end, a skin massage is performed.

Hydrogen purification - how long does it take and how much does the treatment cost?

Hydrogen purification is an extremely effective treatment that brings immediately visible results. It is worth mentioning that this is a type of non-invasive and completely painless therapy. The entire treatment consists of several stages, and everything in terms of price and duration of the treatment depends on individual arrangements, the complexity of the treatment and the preparations used. The average price of the treatment is approximately PLN 300.

Hydrogen cleansing = facial rejuvenation

Hydrogen purification is a treatment that is still gaining in popularity, both among women and men. Each treatment improves the condition of the skin and adds radiance to the face by:

  • elimination of free radicals,
  • skin cleansing,
  • skin nourishment,
  • improving skin tension.

Hydrogen purification - indications

For whom will hydrogen purification be definitely the best solution? The hydrogen skin cleansing treatment is dedicated to both women and men, regardless of age. This is an excellent proposition, especially for people whose skin is particularly exposed to all kinds of pollution, i.e. city dwellers. The treatment is perfect for:

  • tired, gray and dull skin,
  • dehydrated skin,
  • skin requiring thorough cleansing,
  • dry skin, as well as normal, oily and combination skin, acne skin and vascular skin - basically no contraindications for the selected skin type.

Hydrogen purification - contraindications

Hydrogen skin cleansing is a safe and non-invasive procedure, but there are some contraindications to its use. These will be cancer, allergies, diabetes, infections, epilepsy, as well as hypersensitivity to electricity, active herpes and medical and electronic instruments present in the body. The procedure is also excluded during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Hydrogen purification - effects

By looking at photos of the face before and after the treatment, we can immediately notice the impressive effects of hydrogen cleansing. Is it worth it? Definitely yes, if we expect results that are:

  • deep cleansing and refreshing of the skin,
  • evening out its color,
  • improving skin elasticity,
  • restoring the skin's radiance and younger appearance,
  • revitalization and deep hydration of the skin,
  • neutralizing free radicals and thus inhibiting the skin aging process.

How is the hydrogen facial cleansing treatment performed?

Hydrogen cleansing is divided into certain stages, thanks to which the effect of perfectly cleansed, refreshed, healthy and regenerated skin is achieved:

  • Stage I - neutralization of free radicals using hydrogen water. Free radicals bind to the supplied hydrogen ions, creating the water and pure oxygen that the skin needs.
  • Stage II - exfoliation, i.e. exfoliation of dead layers of the epidermis. At this stage, dead cells are removed because they would impede the action of the active substance.
  • Stage III - oxygenation, which is intended to facilitate the introduction of antioxidants. Oxygen supports the circulation and absorption of active substances, and also stimulates the production of elastin and collagen.
  • Stage IV - distribution of antioxidants in the treatment area. Their task is to protect the skin against the re-production of excess free radicals, as well as against harmful external factors.
  • Stage V - introduction of the antioxidant into the intercellular space, into the deeper layers of the skin, using an ultrasound-emitting head. It causes cells to vibrate, causes a thermal effect, relaxes cellular structures, relaxes muscles and stimulates blood and lymph circulation. The result is better metabolism and cell regeneration.
  • Stage VI - anti-aging treatment, i.e. lifting using bipolar radio waves. The thermal effect obtained in this way stimulates tissues and collagen fibers, and as a result, improves elasticity and smoothes the skin.

Price (PLN)FaceFace + NeckFace + Neck + NecklineTime (min)
Hydrogen purification
Hydrogen purification

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