Golden Thread treatment consists of implantation under the skin of thin gold threads of the highest test. Around the thread a new cell envelopes. There is a flow of new nutrients, increased skin elasticity, blood supply and oxygenation.

The increased production of collagen and elastin leads to a significant reduction in wrinkles and increased elasticity of the skin. Skin color is also improved, enlarged vesicles disappear, and sebaceous gland function is normalized.

Golden threads form a mesh that supports the relaxed muscles of the face. The treatment is performed under local anesthesia. Each gold thread is 25 cm long and ends with a disposable needle. The amount of implanted thread depends on the patient’s age. Women before the age of 40 need 5 threads and older women have more threads.

The contraindications to surgery are pregnancy, diabetes and hemophilia. It should not be given during menstruation. The threads do not cause any allergic reactions and the effect of rejuvenated skin persists from 7 to 10 years after the procedure.