4-stage slimming and modeling treatment

RHEA pHSHAPE is a modern body modeling method addressed to people struggling with the problem of excess fat tissue. It uses the unique MorphoLayerin® concept.

pHSHAPE from RHEA Cosmetics is a type of carboxytherapy without the use of needles. The treatment is completely non-invasive, safe and effective. It involves the alternating use of alkaline and acidic products, which are applied in a specific order.

For whom?

  • Perfect if you have problems with excess fat tissue and cellulite. Especially when modeling the most critical areas that even a gym cannot cope with. The action shapes the figure and promotes a visible slimming effect. Stimulates fat removal, prevents the formation of cellulite and new adipocytes. Reduces orange peel.
  • Perfect if your legs are heavy and start to hurt during the day. Perfect for periods of fatigue and physical exhaustion. The action activates drainage and removal of excess fluids, providing a feeling of freshness and lightness on the legs. It prevents water retention and fragility of veins by eliminating toxins.

Recommended course: 5 - 7 treatments

During the procedure, a special outfit is used:
Lightweight compression leggings and sleeves with a semi-wide pattern for added effect

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Hot chocolate massage

  • Thanks to chocolate and the antioxidants it contains, we can count on the regeneration of our skin and making it incredibly soft.
  • Chocolate massage helps us cleanse the skin and remove dead skin, all thanks to the content of detoxifying ingredients
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Kobido massage

  • Non-invasive facelift
  • It affects the appearance of the face and the condition of the skin
  • Reduces muscle tension
  • The skin is better oxygenated and nourished

Kobido is an ancient Japanese facial massage technique that is often called a “non-surgical face lift.” It is a natural method of improving the appearance of the skin without the need to use invasive aesthetic medicine procedures.

Kobido massage consists of five main stages. The first stage is a deep tissue massage, which helps reduce muscle tension and smooth out fine facial wrinkles. This is followed by a stage of deep relaxation, which helps relax muscles and reduce stress. The third stage is lymphatic drainage, which improves lymph flow and helps reduce swelling and swelling. The fourth stage is the lifting part, which is the most intense and helps improve the facial contour, increases blood flow and lifts the skin. The last, fifth stage is acupressure, which involves stimulating various points on the face, which affects the work of a given muscle.

The aim of the Kobido massage is to improve the condition of the facial skin, stimulate the muscles, improve blood circulation and generally improve the appearance of the skin. Thanks to the complexity and intensity of the techniques and work on the deeper layers of the skin and muscles, the result is a natural lifting effect.