Biological pedicure up to 60 min 135 PLN
Classical pedicure with nail polish up to 60 min 150 PLN

French pedicure up to 60 min 160 PLN
Shellac / SOAK OFF Pedicure 190 PLN
Shellac / SOAK OFF French Pedicure 200 PLN
Pedicure SPA with shellac / SOAK OFF nail polish up to 90 min 240 PLN

Nail polish (without pedicure) 40 PLN
French polish (without pedicure) 50 PLN
Shellac / SOAK OFF nail polish (without pedicure) 60 PLN
Shellac / SOAK OFF removal 35 PLN
Paraffin on feet 60 PLN
Extra Foot massage and mask 90 PLN


Therapeutic pedicure is performed by a specialist podologist. During the procedure corns, calluses and cracks on the heels are removed or corrective braces for ingrown nails are applied.

Consultation up to 70 PLN
Therapeutic/Medical Pedicure up to 170 PLN