We invite couples and intimate groups for a Finnish sauna + Infrared with VIP Room, where you can also enjoy massage and body treatments. We recommend to meet with friends, rest after work, maiden nights and a romantic evening for two.

Advantages of using the Infrared sauna:

The body's fatty tissues (lost weight) accumulate in our body, losing its molecular stability, thus increasing its amount of dissolved in the blood and being excreted from the body causing weight loss and toxins such as mercury, lead, copper, cadmium, manganese, Excess sodium, chloride, arsenic, nickel, harmful benzene compounds, urea, cholesterol, nicotine

- Strengthen the immune system

A session in the sauna raises the body temperature by 1-3 degrees C, bringing the body into a fever-like state, one of the body's natural defense systems against parasites and bacteria, infections

-Vascular performance

When using an infrared sauna, the natural reaction of the body is to try to cool down by increasing blood flow through the vessels located just below the skin. This increases your heart rate, heart rate, and metabolic rate


Sauna Infra red is the perfect solution to the problem of cellulite consisting of fat, water and toxins. Intensive sweating while using the sauna is conducive to removing cellulite. Excellent effects can be obtained in combination with diet and massage.

Dry sauna 50 PLN/person

Reservation (max) 60 min. 90 PLN
Infrared sauna (max) 30 min. 30 PLN/person